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Our mission is to provide a universal game format for people of all ages and skill levels. We have developed challenging, fun and exciting games with various methods of play and game objectives that people all over the world can enjoy.

We have mind-twisting, brain-teasing games that are puzzles and brain-twisting mind-teasing puzzles that are games; all are now available on the web and in toy and game stores worldwide! Visit our online store today to see all of our entertaining educational games!

Zoki™ is one of the most flexible game systems ever devised. It is a unique set of tiles that can be used to play dozens of different games in the Zoki collection (Zoki-9, Zoki-16, Red Alexa, YuGo and so on). Zoki blends the best of dominos, cards and mathematics in a simple package that allows players to play many of their traditional favorite games or tackle one of the many original Zoki games. There are virtually limitless possibilities with the 34-tile Zoki system. Designed to engage and entertain beginners and experts alike, Zoki games promote creativity, reasoning and inner genius – accept the challenge that Zoki presents.

Arithmo™ is the latest game sensation developed by Zoki Games™ and the greatest addition to the worldwide puzzle phenomena sweeping the globe. It is not just one game, but the family name for some of the most innovative, fun and addictive math puzzles ever created.

When you enter the world of Arithmo you enter a labyrinth of fun and mind bending puzzles that will teach you to think different and challenge your mind. All Arithmo puzzles take some brainpower to solve, and the games are structured in a way that you use extensive arithmetic skills on the way to solve the puzzle.

Arithmo puzzles are designed with all skill levels in mind to engage and entertain beginners and experts alike. The games have a variety of shapes and difficulty levels, and you will never grow bored of the new challenges presented to you with each game.
They are guaranteed to drive you nuts, breaks your bolts and rock your whirl. Arithmo is simply a cut above the rest.

Enter the power of the puzzle and feel the pure pleasure of discovering the Arithmo world of games by playing alone, with family, or competing against your friends.

Arithmo™ : Apps, Books, Computers…Minds

iMath™…the newest addition to the Zoki family of games

Once in awhile an idea comes along that shows us the way to a better world. A world where teachers are as celebrated as movie stars. A world where mental acuity is as desirable as physical beauty. A world where a good education is more of a goal than instant fame. A world where math is a work out and not an exercise.

iMath is such an idea.

When you or your child plays an iMath game, you get trained in math without even realizing it. iMath speeds up your ability to perform calculations quickly, builds brain power, and is the first simple step to improving yourself from the top down. The world is a complicated place, but the road to learning needn’t be.

iMath – it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s essential.