Zoki Games

Zoki Games De-Luxe
  • 34 unique tiles that are played by matching the four sides of the tile. Tiles can be used to play dozens of different games
  • Includes instructional booklet, CD-Rom with 10 Zoki games, score keeping paper pad and pencil
  • Zoki is one of the most flexible games ever devised
  • Mathematical logic games, brainteasers
  • Promotes creativity and reasoning
  • Zoki is so simple to play, but very addictive
  • Zoki is an award winning game system
  • Patented worldwide
  • Any language or culture can play
  • Zoki can be played solitaire or with multiple players, including family and friends
  • Ages 4 to 104 can play
  • Educational games
  • Infinite mathematical combinations

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