What is Zoki?

The Zoki card deck is one of the most flexible game engines ever devised. New games are constantly being added to the Zoki game family. You can play domino-like games with the Zoki deck, a variety of luck of the draw games, as well as strategy-based games that rival chess for variation and skills-based outcomes.

Zoki is a unique set of cards or tiles that can be used to play dozens of different games in the Zoki system. Most of these games are played by matching the four sides of the cards to adjacent cards, either to form a square or in domino style fashion. These games can be played either solitaire or against opponents (and even against the computer on our software version!). Other games use the cards as part of mathematical logic games, where one must total the number of stripes on the cards in order to play the game. In addition to these types of games, there are matching games, traditional card games with a twist, and much, much more. Remember that all of these games are played with the same Zoki deck!

Promote creativity, reasoning and inner genius – accept the challenge that Zoki presents. Zoki blends the best of dominos, cards and mathematics in a simple package that allows players to play many of their traditional favorite games or tackle one of the many original Zoki games. Zoki games are designed with skill levels to engage and entertain beginners and experts alike. Players will find that practice and skill will help, but that Zoki games also have an unexpected random element that can swing the balance of power and snatch victory from an unlucky opponent.

Zoki is more than a game or puzzle that is played once, because there are virtually limitless possibilities with 34 tile Zoki system. Changing just a single tile in any Zoki game, puzzle or brainteaser changes play and may add up to another thousand possible outcomes.

Zoki seems so simple to play, it’s a wonder it could be so addictive. Whether in the mood for a complex brainteaser, a simple card game or a fun family activity, ZOKI is the Game Designed with One’s Mind in Mind!

ZOKI is an award winning game system using 34 square tiles, so simple, yet so unique they are patented worldwide. Players compete against themselves, friends or the clock to arrange the ZOKI tiles to score points or solve brainteasers.

Fun for all, educational for the young, a challenge for others, an eternity for a few.

The complete set of Zoki playing cards:

So far, there have been over a hundred games and puzzles developed that can be played with the Zoki cards. More are created constantly and are on the way for your enjoyment. Number of “over hundred games” includes games played with Zoki EXTENDED cards and with Zoki TILES, which are still in production, and games and instructions for these sets are not included for now. Here is the complete set of Zoki EXTENDED cards and preview of one Zoki TILE:

Whether they are puzzles, solitaire or competitive games or educational activities, there are Zoki games for everyone to enjoy. In addition, Zoki players have created their own unique games with this mathematically ingenious card set, as the game continues to grow internationally. We will even be having contests for the most original and challenging games that are invented by Zoki players.

Because Zoki is an easy to understand concept that can apply to so many types of games, it is natural to want to use the set for other activities. That’s what makes the Zoki concept completely different than any other game idea – that an unlimited number of games can be played with the same set of thirty-four cards.

Now Zoki players will be able to enjoy this great game not only using the Zoki card set but also by playing the Zoki software on the computer! Zoki will soon be available in a complete line of products including the Deluxe Tile Version, a Magnetic Travel Set, Children’s Wooden Blocks, and in many other gaming formats! Make sure to checkout our Zoki online store to see the newest available Zoki products.

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